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Maria’s Stroke
July 28, 2008, 12:04 pm
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   Because we didn’t have enough excitement already, Maria felt she need to add to it.  In usual Maria fashion there is much more to the story, I will highlight opportunities to ask her about with ‘^’.  Last Tuesday around 4:45 pm at work she started having problems thinking clearly and wasn’t able to talk or move her right side, not much later she also blacked out.  Her work ^ called 911 and the firefighters responded first and then the EMTs.  They took her by ambulance to OU Medical and upon arriving there ^  was stuck in the waiting room.  After being triaged surrounded by posters touting the warning signs and statistics of stroke, around 10:00 they finally got her back to a room ^.  

   Blood work, CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, spinal tap and anything else they could do her were administered.  The doctors labeled it as a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) basically a mini-stroke, but it lasted more into the full stroke time allotment.  They also found a congenital heart defect, she has a little hole, that may not be helping.  She spent a little over 2 days in the Stroke Unit and was released with a ‘return to normal activities’ note.

  She took Friday off of work and fear of being fired ^ had her back there Saturday.  She made it until lunch before needing to be taken back to the ER with spinal tap complications.  Knowing the speed of the OU ER we hesitantly went there because they would have all her records.  After waiting nearly an hour and not even being triaged yet, we left for a different hospital.

   Four stoplights later and preparing to get on the freeway, her car wouldn’t accelerate and sputtered to a stop.  Called insurance, they dispatched a tow truck and said it would be an hour, it’s 102 degrees we have a woman in severe pain and two small kids in the car.  Sweet lady came by, ran to the gas station and brought us back water and Gatorade, Shyrel came and picked us up and the tow truck arrived faster than we were told.

   Well, back to OU Medical, maybe they are ready to take her now, no not so fast, 6 hours later she was finally seen.  Nathen stayed with her and was a great helper.  After an IV and some good drugs, they kicked her out again.  She laid around yesterday and that is the plan today and tomorrow (again hoping she won’t be fired for missing another day ^).  You can reach her at if you like.


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