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Most children’s board games allow the youngest to go first and so will we:

The Newest Addition – Breya hit the 1 year mark and started walking in the same week. Her hobbies are eating, terrorizing paper, climbing and laughing. She enjoys long walks, anything over 10 steps is currently a long walk.

The Princess of Persnickety – Bella is excited to be signed up for real school next year, Pre-K. Her hobbies are attending to her vast array of Barbies and Polly Pockets, running laps in the house and being the line leader. Her favorite colors are pink and anything that looks like pink. She is a great big sister.

The Master of Ceremonies – Nathen presides over the marrying off of Bella’s many Barbies and plays the boy roles. He is excited to be going to a new school next year. He enjoys playing with all the neighborhood kids and making fun of the ‘pretzels boys’ at gymnastics.

Maria’s recent adventures include a New Mexico road trip, complete with a Texas Highway Patrol run-in, and trip to Seattle to see her sister’s wedding. She enjoys sleeping in and torturing her husband by watching either version of “Pride and Prejudice”. She looks forward to the building sale and returning home to be a mom.

Jason is always in hope of nice weather or moving to a place where nice weather is the norm. He is also looking forward to the sale of the building and outfitting the garage with more carbon fiber. He is currently playing city league volleyball and trying to remember how to play after an 8 year hiatus, along with answering to “Jumper”.


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Yes, I love to sleep in, I am grateful when I get to do this once in a calendar year. – the wife

Comment by tothe5sarges

So sad to not have you to watch Pride and Prejudice with. Something about Barry leaving the room when I put it on tells me that he doesn’t appreciate it as much as me!

Comment by sarah

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